All Things Vintage

I’ve always loved to learn about how things were made, and how they came to be. I guess that’s the way I am. I love stories, love listening to them.

coach-14coach-11I think there’s a certain romantic quality that surrounds a story when something or someone survives the test of time, to be revived, preserved, given a new lease of life.

coach-4coach-3coach-2coach-1Vintage, a beautiful name for old. Point blank. I had the chance to lay hands on these beauties, to feel how leather withstood the many years and how beautiful time has made it. The new elements added to it makes it relevant and quirky with so much character all at the same time.

coach-15coach-9coach-10Personalization, That’s the newest rage isn’t it? Everything, almost everything and anything can be made to have your name on it. It’s yours, for sure.

coach-5coach-6Flipping the pages of history, so much colour and content. I love books so this one’s for keeps. Something new amongst the Vintage is the fragrance that’s just launched. Maybe some day, I’ll showcase my collection.


What we learn with pleasure we never forget. – Alfred Mercier

Thank you for having me!


Photos by Pauline Soh