Always Time for a Chanel Dream

The Chanel Dream

Where Imagination Takes Me

A blank canvas, or in this case a blank sculpture, is always…

Perfect Timing

Lost and Found

First Time Gangster

First Time Gangster

Sol’s World

Art is subjective and that’s the whole beauty of it


Dreamer caught in the middle of reality and make believe

The Dream Job

The dream of a dream job

Beautiful Moments

Moments like that has to be cherished, life’s wonders never fail to make me smile.

The Beauty of 2015

2015 was an extremely fulfilling year for me where dreams turned into reality. I released my second book, collaborated with the National Museum of Singapore, and went back to stage.

The Dream Makers

After close to 5 months of filming for The Dream Makers 2, I feel a huge load coming off my shoulders now as we have wrapped up. As much as I love Zhao Fei-er, her mental and emotional state can be too overwhelming at times. She’s cast an indelible shadow over me, she’s invaded my personal space, and she affected me in more ways than one.

Sol much Love

Sol’s World: Somebody to Love has completed its first wave of publicity. Thank you to the various media for the time and help rendered. I would not have been able to create so much awareness on my book launch without all of you.

No Role too Small

I play every role like it’s my most important role, so even if it’s a cameo of just 4 episodes, I still give it the same amount of attention and commit to it like it’s the biggest thing in my life. I put in the same amount of effort and do the necessary research required.