Vietnam, Hanoi

Visiting Vietnam

Bulgari X Save The Children

Bulgari X Save The Children initiative

The Beauty of 2015

2015 was an extremely fulfilling year for me where dreams turned into reality. I released my second book, collaborated with the National Museum of Singapore, and went back to stage.

The Dream Makers

After close to 5 months of filming for The Dream Makers 2, I feel a huge load coming off my shoulders now as we have wrapped up. As much as I love Zhao Fei-er, her mental and emotional state can be too overwhelming at times. She’s cast an indelible shadow over me, she’s invaded my personal space, and she affected me in more ways than one.

Lost Pearls

I have gone for a couple of volunteer trips overseas over the years. My main concern was to help the children there, in whatever way I could.

Sol’s Journey

When the creative process of Art is over, you have to deal with the not-so-fun bits, it’s a steep learning curve but so fulfilling at the same time. It was an amazing feeling seeing Sol’s Journey come together and fall in place.

A Touch of Humanity

Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. These farm animals arrive at the sanctuary injured, battered and possibly near death. Many animals get abused and the fact that they are mostly vulnerable and on the receiving end, there is no way they can protect themselves. The animals survive under the tender care provided in this place filled with love. It is painful and heart wrenching to watch the videos of the animals in pain. But at the end of that same spectrum is a ray of hope that they will pull through, and many do.

A Marathon, Not a Sprint

15 years. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Thank you for allowing me time to grow. Thank you for illuminating my life as an actress.

Celebrate the Legacy

I am grateful for the things I have in my life. I think that this gratitude and appreciation for what we have is important. It fills us with this certain sense of peace and happiness, reminding us not to take things for granted. We now also have the chance to enjoy the finer things in life because one man envisioned it and fought hard to get us there.

Dedication of a Lifetime‏

I believe none of us will truly know what his life was like. The responsibility that he took upon his shoulders to raise this once third world country to be what it is now is not an easy task. The promises he made, he delivered.

Festive Joy

Chinese New Year brings much festive joy. With the annual gatherings of family and friends, feasting, dressing up in new clothes, and the collecting of Ang Baos (red packets), what is there not to like?