Bulgari X Save The Children

Bulgari X Save The Children initiative

Seeing Stars

This is a team that I really love working with. There’s so much trust and confidence in each other, and they were willing to forge ahead and explore something new with me. For this, I’m grateful.

Simply Her, Simply Me

It’s a joy to work with Simply Her again. It was a dream team that worked on this cover shoot and I had so much fun while doing it. I share my thoughts on a healthy lifestyle, what I do to keep fit and how I keep my complexion glowing despite the hectic hours I keep.

Coach and Me

Coach has become a brand that I’ve come to know so well and I’m in love with how they plan the little details to cater to the needs of every single lady (I was at the women’s store and I naturally would notice that department more anyway).

Timeless with Montblanc

My very first Montblanc watch was a present from my parents when I was in university. My parents believed in buying a watch of quality so it can last you a long time. Timeless, it would be. And so began my relationship with Montblanc. Many years later, I connected with them again in a way I never imagined possible.

Little Nyonya to Beauty World’s Lulu

The first thing I recall from the Elle cover shoot is how freezing cold the studio was that day. I have done photoshoots in that very same studio before, but weirdly enough, it never did seem that cold. Gracing Elle’s cover is an honour, with the lovely photos and a great write up.

Perfect Fit

I love the smaller bags for its convenience but at the same time I do not like to compromise on the number of things I can put into it. I kind of dread going out and regret not bringing something because I did not have space in the bag. This is definitely something I’d like to share with everyone… A bag that’s small yet roomy enough for all essential items.

Bulgari Lucea

As I grew up, I started to know more, understand more and learnt to make my own decisions. I always welcome something that is timeless, quite a classic and well suited for most occasions.

Bella Malaysia

It was a great pleasure to be able to work with the Bella Malaysia team again. It wasn’t easy trying to fix the date since we had such tight schedules but they made it happen and flew in to complete this shoot. Here’s a little behind the scenes video, especially for my fans who can’t get hold of the magazine.


Never say never. I had an opportunity to work with Bella’s Malaysia team in 2013. This is the second collaboration with Citta Bella Malaysia, October 2015 issue.

Sol much Love

Sol’s World: Somebody to Love has completed its first wave of publicity. Thank you to the various media for the time and help rendered. I would not have been able to create so much awareness on my book launch without all of you.

Nuyou Time 2016

The last Nuyou Time I worked on was in 2010. Time flies, fast forward to 2015. I’m glad to have the opportunity to work with Nuyou on this issue again.