Jardin des Tuileries

I have always loved a good story, and learning about how the Montblanc Boheme Collection was fashioned after the moon and its various monthly names and how the diurnal cycle was captured with the turn of the dial made me fall in love with the romantic notion behind it.

Interview with Heart

It’s been some time that I did an interview I felt so much for. It’s rare that an interview would allow me to share so much and be written as it was. Thank you I-Weekly for the depth of this cover story, thank you for taking time to listen, thank you for covering my work at the Museum at the same time.

TVC Time: Bio-Essence: 2015

I’m really glad to be able to share this with all of you. I loved how the tvc turned out. Everyone on set worked so very hard, to get the lighting right, to get the set up right, to just make sure everything was perfect. It was a long day, but well worth it.

Boheme Lady

It is not often that you find a timepiece that features both masculine and feminine qualities together. The new Montblanc Boheme line is distinct, elegant and clearly for the independent and sophisticated woman of today’s time.

Setting the Look

The preparation process for building a character can be a long one. At times, it even involves another department like wardrobe, hair and makeup. Setting the look and image works hand in hand with my portrayal of the character and it is important.


I’m so glad to be able to finally share this piece of news, my latest endorsement with Bio-Essence.

All About the Makeup

With one of my favourite makeup artist, Cindy Goh. In July’s issue of Nuyou magazine.

Collate The Label

I think that support for our local designers is lacking. This is in stark contrast to what I see overseas, when I travel. It seems like fashion is so much more vibrant when the young and aspiring designers are given free reign to express themselves. However, in Singapore, we tread ever so carefully because we don’t know how many seasons we can last. Starting a new fashion line isn’t easy, building it up is even harder.

The Tory Getaway Boutique

Personally, I love colours that pop. I think that when you have gear that looks so vibrant and happy, it makes whatever activity you engage in much more fun, be it swimming, a day at the beach, or going to the gym.

And So… We Celebrate

So, one week after the Star Awards is over, we celebrate. We celebrate the graduation. This time, it’s a little different as well, I was the host. I think it’s a different feeling for all my fans. For the first time, they didn’t have to wreck their brains on the venue, plan the games or activities, worry about the food and all the other nitty gritty details that go into planning a gathering. Actually I kept it really simple and personal, a very cosy sharing session that I have always liked to have. I definitely hope that all had fun!

Skin Story

I started off as most little girls with minimal fuss and care for my skin. I remember following my mother to her facials and quietly sitting at the corner waiting for her to be done. However, it was only when I entered the industry that it dawned on me that skincare was so important.

Fashion Nerd

Fashion is subjective and what I learn over the years is that as long as you feel comfortable and confident in it, nothing’s going to stop you from looking good. Feel awkward and you will be awkward.