The Prada Sound Bag

The kind of bags I love vary in sizes. However, a few of my friends have commented on how extreme I can be, simply because I go for small sizes or the extremely huge bags that seem to be bigger than myself. I guess I just like it small and whimsical, or huge and roomy.

The Thing about SPF

I’m a huge advocate of sunblock. I cannot live without it.

Imagine standing under the scorching sun day after day, for hours on end. That’s how it is for filming most times. So I load up on sunblock, slather a generous amount of it all over myself and hope it does the work of shielding me from the sun.

SPF. Sun Protection Factor. Do we all really know what it means?

Under Armour

I’m someone who’s been pretty active my whole entire life. Gymnastics, dance, swim, and run, I love the idea of being fit and strong. I don’t do my daily 10km runs anymore but I do still workout at a healthy level.


A photo of #TheDress was posted on the internet and it sparked off a colour debate and that very same post went viral. Most interesting was the fact that the colours were of contrasting hues and no one could ever imagine how “colour-blind” the other party was.

Festive Joy

Chinese New Year brings much festive joy. With the annual gatherings of family and friends, feasting, dressing up in new clothes, and the collecting of Ang Baos (red packets), what is there not to like?