Beaches and Sunsets

If you told me about a wonderful destination where I could just chill by the sea, have a cocktail while the sun sets beyond the horizon, I would fly myself there if time allowed it. Life in showbiz is fast paced enough and I would love to just unwind and slow down if I get the opportunity to do so.

A Marathon, Not a Sprint

15 years. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Thank you for allowing me time to grow. Thank you for illuminating my life as an actress.

The Colours of a Happy Mind

Colours are also a form of expression. I believe I should feel free to express myself, quirks and all. So as they say.. Follow your heart’s desires. Wear something that defines you, something that you feel comfortable in, something that expresses who you are.

Of White Canvas and Prints

I’m glad I didn’t give up, because soon enough, I chanced upon this. I think it’s pretty cute. It definitely has the likes of “happy shoes”. It’s not totally plain white canvas, but when you have prints like this, it’s a definite welcome to your existing collection.

Lady in White

Some shoots you get a thrill of experimenting with different things. Some shoots allow you to morph into someone else. Some shoots reflect a very personal private aspect of you. Some shoots just seem to fall in place with all the right elements.

Nuyou – Apr 2015

The last time I was on Nuyou cover was in 2013. Reading the editor’s words, I was elated to find out that my last issue was also the best selling issue in that year. This is a big shout out to all of you who bought the issue in support of me. Times like this, I feel blessed and it adds itself onto the list of things that make me smile.

The Prada Sound Bag

The kind of bags I love vary in sizes. However, a few of my friends have commented on how extreme I can be, simply because I go for small sizes or the extremely huge bags that seem to be bigger than myself. I guess I just like it small and whimsical, or huge and roomy.

The Thing about SPF

I’m a huge advocate of sunblock. I cannot live without it.

Imagine standing under the scorching sun day after day, for hours on end. That’s how it is for filming most times. So I load up on sunblock, slather a generous amount of it all over myself and hope it does the work of shielding me from the sun.

SPF. Sun Protection Factor. Do we all really know what it means?

Under Armour

I’m someone who’s been pretty active my whole entire life. Gymnastics, dance, swim, and run, I love the idea of being fit and strong. I don’t do my daily 10km runs anymore but I do still workout at a healthy level.


A photo of #TheDress was posted on the internet and it sparked off a colour debate and that very same post went viral. Most interesting was the fact that the colours were of contrasting hues and no one could ever imagine how “colour-blind” the other party was.

Festive Joy

Chinese New Year brings much festive joy. With the annual gatherings of family and friends, feasting, dressing up in new clothes, and the collecting of Ang Baos (red packets), what is there not to like?