femina-3I love doing shoots mainly because of it’s exploratory qualities. I like playing with different looks, doing something different from the everyday life. And yet sometimes, I really relish those shoots that feature me in my most natural state.

femina-6femina-4The shoot I did with China’s magazine title “Femina” was a shoot I enjoyed very much. Working with a different team from time to time is very refreshing. Everyone works differently and every single time, I learn new things along the way. I think that’s the way you grow, by always stepping out of your comfort zone.

montblanc-1femina-7femina-8With regards to interviews, it’s not often that I meet with a reporter who would really sit down and listen with his/her heart. Sometimes, even a written Q&A could be summarized and then the meaning of your answer gets lost in translation. So whenever I meet with a journalist who really listens and tries to understand what has been said, I truly treasure that moment and appreciate the time they spent with me.

femina-1femina-2In any case, each and every shoot is something that I am always grateful for. Each shoot traces every step I take in my career and encapsulates a memory… Something I know I will be very happy looking back on in future.

Photos by Pauline Soh