Living the Boheme Spirit

montblanc-8A timepiece means alot more to me than merely showing the time. The inspiration behind the creation, the stories that weave itself into the ticking hands, and the journey from dreams to reality, they mean the world to me. Perhaps it’s because I’m a creative person myself, so the aesthetic (how it looks on my wrist) to  what’s inside (the substance of the watch) matter to me.

montblanc-7montblanc-11montblanc-614This is my journey to Beijing with Montblanc as a Boheme Lady. The Boheme spirit encapsulates Confidence, Glamour and Style. I believe that the modern woman now easily exudes these qualities. We work hard to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, we are driven, we know what we want and aren’t afraid to show it.

Thank you Montblanc for the beautiful showcase created for me. Yes, I have the whimsical in me (Sol), I have the writer who loves to express through words in me, and then there is also the “time-traveller” going through various eras, the retro, the period drama, and the modern. I love what I do because of this, I get to explore and live in impossible times, sometimes even believing that everything is possible after all.

montblanc-10montblanc-12montblanc-5Learning the ropes.. well, trying to.

montblanc-9With the Montblanc Singapore team.

montblanc-13Living the Boheme Spirit

Hope lies in dreams, in imagination and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality – Jonas Salk

Photos by Pauline Soh