Nuyou Time 2016

The last Nuyou Time I worked on was in 2010. Time flies, fast forward to 2015. I’m glad to have the opportunity to work with Nuyou on this issue again. Timepieces are a work of art and there’s always a story behind each intricate complication. Perhaps I’m interested in the designs, perhaps I’m interested in the stories behind it all, and perhaps I just want to immortalize the moment in my own way.

nuyou time 1

We tried out various angles and height before deciding on which worked best

nuyou time 2

nuyou time 4

nuyou time 3

nuyou time 5

nuyou time 6

Nuyou Time 2016

Styling by Titien Wong

Makeup by Cindy Goh

Hair by Dexter Ng