IMG_10232017, a brand new year with a brand new start. I think in many ways, 2017 has taken off on a very good note for me. There are a couple of projects lined up and I’m definitely looking forward to them.
IMG_1028This is also a brand new look for me. I have never worn something like that for events. My team decided that we should go for something unexpected every once in awhile. And so we did.

IMG_1030IMG_1029Louis Khoo in the house.. waited for these official photos before finally completing this blog post.

IMG_1032IMG_1031tod'sI think my favourite bit about events is the meeting of friends there, like a mini gathering of sorts. Sometimes we’re so busy that even arranging a catch up over brunch/lunch/dinner proves to be a huge challenge. It’s a brief catch up but definitely better than none.

IMG_1025IMG_1026IMG_1027We were definitely very happy. I was trying to recall the conversation but I really don’t remember the details. So I asked Terence, and we did recall eventually. Candid moments like this have to be treasured.

Lastly, congratulations Tod’s on the official opening of your brand new store at Marina Bay Sands.

Photos by Pauline Soh

Makeup by Cindy Goh

Hair by Dexter Ng