Jeanette Aw Jcode

J-Code (noun)
Arbitrarily chosen words, letters, or symbols assigned definite meanings for the understanding of Jeanette Aw.

There was a time when I was blogging quite frequently. That was before the advent of Twitter, Weibo and Instagram. Before I knew it, my texts dwindled to 140 characters instead of a full blog post. I guess that didn’t really work for me because I thrived on the literary thrill of writing.

A book followed shortly, “’Jeanette Aw: Definitions”. Musings, things that I thought of, things that I felt defined or described who I was and how my mind was wired. It was liberating to write, because I had total freedom to express myself in my own terms.

It is a natural progression to want to pursue this passion for writing and to fully develop it. It sparked off the idea of J-code. This blog is a place for me to be me, an extension of myself other than that media personality that you see on screen (or what you assume I am). This is also the reason why J-code stands independently on its own.

My style of writing still stays, because the voice remains the same. It is a very personal point of view that I hope to share with you. You may relate to or object to what I say in my posts, but that’s the beauty of being individuals with a mind of his/her own, isn’t it?

The real beauty of writing, in my opinion, is that I become more in tune with who I am. I may have had set certain goals when I started this blog, but along the way, it had a life of its own and that’s where I am now.

It is definitely a journey that I embarked on. So let’s start decoding the J-code.