To Dreams

MCD (4)I think it’s really interesting how life slowly unravels before you. I have always wanted to go behind the scenes, perhaps direct my own film or produce something. I’ve shared this dream often enough when I’m being interviewed and I’m glad that I am a little step closer to it each and every day.

MCD (1)MCD (2)This little video is a collaboration with Maison Christian Dior. I’m only able to do what I feel passionate about when people start to believe in what I can do. Concepts are precious, and they need faith, people’s faith in me, for it to materialize. I like to do something new, something different. Why walk in someone else’s shadow? Why do something everyone else is doing? Why not be the first to do something no one even dares to do?

MCDI’m still learning every step of the way, and I never want to stop learning. I’ve been blessed with meeting the right team, the right people who work so well together with me. Sometimes, it can be a little challenging, when things don’t go as plan, but that’s life. And I embrace life. I believe I get a little better each time I meet a brickwall. It’s always when you push yourself a little more each time, push yourself beyond your own believed boundaries that you realize you do have so much more to give.

MCD (6)MCD (5)MCD (7)To the Dior Beauty family who know me and love me so.. thank you.

Here’s to combining my love for parfum and creativity.