Festive cover

Women's Weekly (10)What a great way to kick off 2019, a festive cover with Women’s Weekly. It took some time to fix the date since I was studying in Bangkok during that period of time. I had a great team and the photos and cover turned out great.

Women's Weekly (11)Women's Weekly (13)2018 has been pretty amazing with my first short film’s nomination in Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, my involvement in “Till We Meet Again” playing the antagonist for a first time, and the start of my Patisserie journey with Le Cordon Bleu. It’s been an exciting year with many firsts and a few baby achievements.

Women's Weekly (12)Women's Weekly (14)Taking the plunge into another world took some planning, and turning down jobs and events. But I’ve been blessed that even during my time away from home, I still could get some production work going. It was busy, but extremely fulfilling. Entering the world of patisserie also opened some new doors for me, and I had the opportunity to embark on creating some new recipes and learn all about it at the same time.

Women's Weekly (4)Women's Weekly (7)Women's Weekly (6)Women's Weekly (5)Women's Weekly (3)Women's Weekly (8)In many ways, I’m still at the learning stage, be it in production or baking, but what I’ve learnt is that people embrace that and have given me so much room to grow at my own pace. I’ve been allowed to explore new grounds and given the freedom of creativity, something that I cherish so very much. It’s such a blessing, and I always feel so grateful for meeting the right people in my life.

Women's Weekly (2)Women's Weekly (1)2019 is filled with many new plans.

I will be starting on my second short film, and filming will take place in Japan, Takasaki. I’ve also decided to complete my final Patisserie term in Japan, Tokyo this year. There are still a couple other things planned but I guess I’ll share when the time comes. Baby steps.

Thanks to Barbara Koh and Janice Pidduck for working so hard to make this cover happen, and Natalya Molok who was so nice to talk to during the interview. Grace Lim, for all the beautiful clothes. Thankful to have David Gan and Elain Lim work with me on this cover. And of course Wee Khim, for the fantastic photos, as usual. Starting 2019 with a grateful heart.

TheSingaporeWomensWeekly-Feb2019-CoverPhotos on Jcode by Pauline Soh