Happy 18th!

U-weekly (7)18 years.

It’s been quite a journey. I signed my first contract in Dec 2000, so technically, I turned 18 last Dec. But how often is it that any artiste can say that their first ever cover shoot was for the magazine’s launch as well? It was surreal when I was called to grace the cover of this issue.

18 years, how we’ve both grown…

U-weekly (3)U-weekly (2)U-weekly (1)18 years.

I think I’ve learnt a thing or two about the unspoken rules, but I’ve held on to my beliefs at the same time.

I think I’ve matured in many ways, but I’ve never let go of that child in me.

I think life has dealt me a few blows for me to grow up in my own way, but it never killed my hopes and dreams.

There’s an ever changing platform for how we express our views (ie, social media), but I belong to the old school species who still enjoys blogging.

Some things may change, but some things will always remain a constant.

U-weekly (5)U-weekly (6)I’ve always contained myself in a little bubble, so that’s what a friend told me. There are moments in work where I just kinda shut down so I can rest, be in a daze, empty my mind, relax, be myself. And these moments, are the moments in between takes, when they come and fuss over my hair, my accessories, my clothes. I just stand there, let them do their thing, and when they leave, I snap back to doing my thing. I think that’s how it’s always been for me and these people know me well enough to know I’ve probably drifted off somewhere, for just that moment.

U-weekly (8)18 years.

I’ve always done things the way I believe I should. I don’t like to live my life with regrets. I don’t like to compromise my principles and I just kind of speak my mind. Life’s too short and we should be happy with the decisions we make and the things we do. I believe this is one big beauty secret as well… Be truly happy and you’ll see a sparkle in your eyes and a glow from within.

U-weekly (10)U-weekly (9)So many people to thank, so many memories from this one shoot alone.

Thank you all for everything!

U Weekly #700Happy 18th U-Weekly!