1000 Years Later


It’s not every project that you get to play someone different. So when she came along, I was immediately drawn to her. Deep down, she’s a lonely soul, and the world she has ever known is cold. A character with depth and mystery, with all the layers slowly coming off episode after episode.

1000 (3)1000 (2)She reads people and weaves herself around their emotions. But at the end of the day, she lets her own emotions get the better of her and that causes her own downfall. Love, a many splendid and wondrous thing, but never ever within her grasp.

1000 (6)1000 (1)I loved working on this role. I loved working with Wawa Pictures. They gave me all that room to explore and do things the way I felt was right for the role. They trusted me and had this inexplicable confidence. There was always room to discuss, to throw in ideas. There was teamwork and so much appreciation.

1000 (4)1000 (5)There were many things I couldn’t share because she’s got a huge secret that can’t be revealed.. yet. So I guess you just got to watch to know what it’s all about. All I can say is, I hope you’ll be surprised by her true identity.

1000 (11)1000 (10)I had fun working on this role. It was different. Different is good, you don’t get this opportunity often. We often get stereotyped, and not many can see past that and offer you something new, something challenging, something fun.

1000 (9)So as I move on to other projects, I am glad to have taken on this production. I am excited with my other projects lined up, and I’m looking forward to what the future has in store for me.

1000 (7)Till We Meet Again


Debuts 26th November, Ch 8, 9pm