Till We Meet Again

Press Con (4)The press conference that took place over the weekend.

A trip in and out of Singapore in less than 24 hours. I don’t think I have ever done any fitting session at 2am in the morning before. But I guess, there is always a first time for everything.

Press Con (1)Press Con (3)This press con has to be the most challenging one to date. I had specific instructions on what I could share and what I had to hold back. Eventually, I think I shared more about everything else other than character. The biggest irony is that this is the one character I most wanted to share about. So this trip back, was a chance to say HI to everyone instead.

Press Con (5)Press Con (6)This is my first drama since going solo. I didn’t think I would take on a drama so soon honestly. I had other scripts offered to me along the way, and I wanted to make sure that the next time audiences saw me back on screen, they would be able to see something interesting. WAWA came knocking on my door, explained storyline and character, everything fell in place and I found myself involved in this production.

Press Con (7)Press Con (11)Press Con (10)It’s been a great 3 months of filming. I had fun with my role. It’s definitely something different from what I always handle. That’s the fun part about being an actor, always finding new challenges and pushing boundaries. I never wanted to be a “safe actor”, but sometimes stereotyping is common practice. I’m always grateful to production teams who trust and have the confidence in me to hand me something different and give me all that room and space to play it.

Press Con (8)So many of you have been asking me about when my next drama will be. It’s finally here and it debuts 26th November 2018. I won’t be in Singapore to see it, so I’ll just have to hear your feedback to know what you think about it.

I seriously don’t know when I will take on another drama, so I hope you like this one. Till we meet again.