The World of Christian Dior

Dior - Grasse (7)A trip that took many months of planning and when it did eventually happen, it made me all sorts of happy.

I love a good perfume and I do have a collection. I think a scent reflects your mood and shows a part of your personality. It most definitely completes the outfit as well. So, when I knew I was making a trip down to learn all about Mr Christian Dior as well as the creative process and what goes into a bottle of perfume, I was thrilled.

Dior - Grasse (5)Dior - Grasse (6)Fontaines Parfumées is such a beautiful space. A little creative bubble, surrounded by a garden that has a few hundred different kinds of flowers and plants enveloping you with their beautiful scents. This is also where the master perfumer works, developing a scent that invokes a memory or tells  a story.

Dior - Grasse (9)Master Perfumer François Demachy actually remembers every scent sample in the library. That’s almost equivalent to someone knowing every word in the dictionary. A creator with such a specialized skill set, it’s not something anyone can do. There are probably many perfumers around the world, but a Master Perfumer, few and far between.

Dior - Grasse (8)Dior - Grasse (10)Clos de Callian, where the Grasse roses grow. We were a little early, before the May roses actually bloomed. But I saw the little tiny rose buds and there was this one bush with blooms. The roses were beautiful, with a distinct scent that I’ve never come across before.

Grasse (4)Dior - Grasse (14)It’s so absolutely amazing to be able to see how it all came to be. From the moment the seeds are planted, to how the essences are extracted, it all starts from a garden. I guess life can be a bed of roses for some of us.

Dior - Grasse (11)Dior - Grasse (12)Grasse (13)Grasse (2)I’ve come to appreciate a bottle of perfume so much more after this trip. In fact, I went home and went through all the perfume that I have, and I now understand better what I like and what I don’t.

Dior - Grasse (3)Château de La Colle Noire, Mr Christian Dior’s abode. Stepping into such a personal space of his felt like I got to know this inspirational figure so much better. A creative genius, with designs always a step ahead of the times.

I remember being in Paris for their exhibition at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in 2017, and I was blown away by Christian Dior’s vision, and for the very first time in my life, I saw fashion as art. It was art in such a beautiful way, and his vision was to make women beautiful.  He had a very clear style, but was still able to continually create beyond his time, modern yet classic.
Dior - Grasse (2)Dior - Grasse (1)Grasse (26)Grasse (27)Every room had its own distinct fragrance filling the air. For me, it automatically transported me to a different place, inciting a different feel as the scent hits the senses. It was soothing and magical all at the same time.
Grasse (36)Grasse (33)Grasse (39)So perfect!
Dior - Grasse (13)To this lady who made it all happen! Thank you so much, Shaoyuan!

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Pauline Soh

Pauline Soh