Ramen Teh – Japan

RT Japan (14)Now that I grouped all 3 posts together, there’s that same story that runs throughout. The story of stars aligning itself and letting things happen. I believe the universe has it’s own way of working things out for me. Believe it or not, I wouldn’t have made it if I continued my Le Cordon Bleu course in Bangkok because this final trip to Tokyo would have coincided with school days. But a last minute plan to complete my Superior course in Tokyo in July 2019, meant I was able to make it. I just went with the flow and how all the pieces just fell in place as I went along still amaze me endlessly.

RT Japan (1)RT Japan (2)RT Japan (3)Let’s go back to the very beginning when it all happened.

This was my first trip to Japan, and there was a media meet in Takasaki on the filming of Ramen Teh. I’ve always wanted to visit Japan but never had the time. Work brought me there and I fell in love with the country. It’s a place I definitely want to return to again and again and again.

RT Japan (5)RT Japan (4)RT Japan (6)Second time back for Ramen Teh, this time… Tokyo. By this time, we’d already completed the bulk of the filming. This was probably also the only time we had 5 cast members together on stage.

RT Japan (8)RT Japan (10)RT Japan (12)RT Japan (11)RT Japan (9)It’s always so nice to have more Singaporean representatives on stage especially when you have a local driving force, Eric Khoo, at the helm of it, directing this fantastic film.

Support local, how else can I say it?

RT Japan (13)RT Japan (18)RT Japan (17)RT Japan (19)RT Japan (20)Ramen Teh, a film that speaks of family and love, regrets and reconciliation, portrays the kind of emotions so many of us can relate to. The family ties that seep through the film has also gone far beyond that of work, it has allowed me to build friendships and kinship with casts and those in the production team.  I also found myself a second home in Takasaki, where all of them embrace and love me for who I am.

RT Japan (21)RT Japan (22)RT Japan (23)RT Japan (24)I’m looking forward to Ramen Teh opening in theatres in Japan 9th March. There’s this very special feeling of it coming full circle from the first point to the last. And that’s a really nice feeling.

RT Japan (25)Takasaki. Thank you once again, for allowing me to be part of this journey. I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for everything.