Beauty Transcends Time

Shiseido (2)April’s been a busy month for me, with several trips packed in almost back to back.  This particular trip was magical in a cultural and artistic way, I never quite experienced Beauty this way before.

Shiseido (3)Shiseido (4)Shiseido celebrates Future Solution LX 10th Anniversary and it’s such an incredible honour to be there with them in Kyoto.

“Beauty Transcends Time” celebrates its journey with a specially crafted lacquered box, called Tokirara no Tebako, followed by a once in a lifetime shrine offering where the jeweled box is left in the safe-keeping of this very spiritual place for many years to come.

190303_2447190303_2536190303_2539190303_2530 1I found the artwork beautiful and intricate, inspiring even. I was in this dark room when the box was slowly illuminated revealing itself for the very first time. It was a very lovely sight to behold.

Much to my delight, I got to watch a 15 minutes Noh theatre performance. This Noh drama was specifically created to celebrate the Tokirara no Tebako, also the very first time this art was created as a branded content.

I studied Asian theatre as one of my modules in NUS Theatre Studies, and I have always wanted to watch this particular theatre performance live. Even though this was only 15 minutes, it was breath taking to see that stylized movements on stage (what I knew so well in theory) and watch how multi-media merged with the oldest traditional form of Japanese theatre at the end. It was magical.

Shiseido (17)Shiseido (18)_APR1271There were fun artsy moments too, like using Shiseido’s makeup to paint little wooden faces, unleashing your creativity any way you wanted, and learning Mizuhiki, an ancient Japanese art form, creating a little flower with some twisting and braiding. The act of tying a Mizuhiki knot is said to bring good En (a karmic force or energy; an invisible thread that creates connection or leads one toward a meaningful encounter).

Shiseido (7)Shiseido (8)Shiseido (9)Shiseido (10)Shiseido (19)The highlight would definitely be the reveal of the Legendary Enmei Ultimate Luminance Serum. A luxurious skincare that uses the Enmei herb, an extraordinary ingredient backed by a legend of healing prowess, longevity and renewal.

Shiseido (11)Shiseido (13)Shiseido (12)Shiseido (14)_APR2399_G0A9606The serum felt luxurious and had a soothing comforting fragrance. The Japanese ideal of beauty goes well beyond the surface, that a deep inner radiance is the richest and most fulfilling kind of beauty one can achieve. I definitely subscribe to this notion.

Shiseido (5)Shiseido (6)Shiseido (1)It was a beautiful journey to Kyoto, my first time to this part of Japan. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and it was such a wonderful sight. The weather was a little wet and cold but not enough to dampen my spirit. I loved everything it had to offer. I loved the immersive experience that Shiseido planned, from arts, crafts, cuisine, traditional performances and ceremonies, leading all the way up to their new serum.

If Tokyo is the nerve center of Japan, then Kyoto is its spiritual soul.

Shiseido (16)Shiseido (15)Ending this entry with the song from the Noh performance:

When the star and dew meet.

You can hear the sound in your eyes.

It transcends millennia and shines forever.

An endless stream of understanding.