Ramen Teh – Paris

RT SSIFF (1)RT SSIFF (2)San Sebastian International Film Festival.

This happened right before the Paris premiere. The last time I was in San Sebastian was for a holiday. Returning for such a big film festival definitely had a different vibe to it.

RT SSIFF (3)Huge congratulations to Eric and the entire team, for having Ramen Teh featured in several major film festivals. He doesn’t say much and it isn’t widely publicized, but he’s done so very well with this film.

RT SSIFF (4)RT SSIFF (6)RT SSIFF (5)This entire trip is another case of having all the stars aligned perfectly for me. I was already in the midst of my Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie course when I was informed about this trip. As it should happen, it fell right smack during my term break. That perfect one week break. I guess what’s meant to be, will be.

Paris Poster (1)Paris.

What an amazing experience to be there for the Paris premiere, with an audience who appreciated and loved the film. There’s no greater reward or satisfaction than having someone come up to you to tell you how much they appreciated you for your work done in the film.

RT Paris (3)RT Paris (2)Ramen Teh was also ranked as one of the best movies of the month, voted by the French audience. If that isn’t amazing, what is? I think Eric Khoo is quite an inspiring figure, to be able to always achieve this level of respect and recognition for his work. I think that’s what we should all try to achieve, accolades on an international stage.

RT Paris (8)RT Paris (4)My trip to Paris was made possible thanks to Japan, Takasaki. It was also the night my PR Ambassadorship with Takasaki was officially inked.

RT Paris (5)RT Paris (7)RT Paris (6)I felt their love and support when they presented me with a Daruma doll dressed in the Le Cordon Bleu chef whites. It’s subtle but so impactful, that they should embrace me for who I am and offer me the kind of quiet support in what I hope to do. I’m so blessed.

RT Paris (8)Most of my scenes in Ramen Teh were shot in Takasaki. It’s such a beautiful place with so much to discover. There’s always something new each time I return to Takasaki. I will be embarking on a project and will be returning to to this beautiful city real soon. Will share more when the time comes.