Speculations vs Updates

Sulwhasoo (2)I work quite differently. I tend to just do my thing. As an artiste and even now, as a producer/director. Sometimes, there will be articles and interviews in the papers and I think that’s good enough.

It wasn’t until recently, after a conversation with some friends, that I found out there were so many speculations, guesses and talks about what I’m doing. I found it funny. Funny because.. those people talking could have quite simply called to ask.

Sulwhasoo (1)So, I thought I should just talk about it and share what I’m doing. I run a production company, Picturesque Films. I produced my short film, The Last Entry, under Picturesque Films. I also produce creative content. I come up with the concept, storyboard, and film the branded content.

I also founded Curatedition, together with a partner. This is an online platform where we celebrate style, fashion and all things beautiful. We have the most brilliant people, experts in their field, bringing you accurate information with their own individual expressions and thoughts.

Sulwhasoo (7)Sulwhasoo (3)There are some who think I’ve signed on with some company. NO. I’m my own boss. I have no idea where all that talk came from really. I’m enjoying this creative freedom that I have right now, picking up the projects that interest me, and doing the things that I feel aligned with. I think that’s the best part about being independent.


I’m really excited that the Picturesque Films website is ready and launched!

Check it out at www.picturesquefilms.com