A September to Remember

Looking back on this issue of Nuyou cover(s), I do wonder how I got through it. If you follow me, you would know of my back to back trips before I got to Rome.

Paris- Tokyo- Rome.  All back to back without any breathing space in between. Crossing time zones and trying to look like I had 12 hrs sleep everyday is just something I have to make happen, being in this line of work. Plus, I flew back to Singapore only to start filming on my new drama series the very next day. I don’t think I even gave myself time for any case of jetlag.

Nuyou - Rome (1)Nuyou - Rome (2)Nuyou - Rome (3)I’m grateful for every work trip. What you see will always be the most glamorous part of the work. What you don’t see are the hours put into it, the mornings where I wish I could curl up in bed instead of waking up after just falling asleep 2 hours ago, and when I felt so ill I could barely stand up.

Nuyou - Rome (4)Nuyou - Rome (5)I had the most amazing team. A team who was willing to work extra long hours because production back home postponed filming by a day so I could be in Rome. I only had those 3 days to complete everything we had to, countless video clips, a cover shoot, and also to attend the Fendi Couture show.

Nuyou - Rome (6)Nuyou - Rome (7)We started on hair and makeup soon after we checked in the hotel and refreshed  ourselves. It must have been that endless positive energy from the entire team that the shoot felt more like fun. We joked and played Italians, tried on a wig that in Cindy’s (my makeup artist) words, “You look crazy J but it works!” It’s this crazy attitude towards life that spurs me on each time. When I work with a group of people full of passion with what they do, that’s when I can just shut down and let them do what they do best.

Nuyou - Rome (8)Nuyou - Rome (9)I love photoshoots because I get to try new looks. I’m always game for it. I think I’ve probably said it more than once. It’s refreshing, to be seen in a new light. Reinvent and reinterpret the self, I think that’s important. We’re constantly changing, constantly moving forward, aren’t we?

Nuyou - Rome (10)Nuyou - Rome (11)Nuyou - Rome (12)Everything went very smoothly really. It happens when everyone knows exactly what they need to do. That’s what I always yearn for in every production I am involved in and this shoot made me very happy.

Nuyou - Rome (13)Nuyou - Rome (14)Nuyou - Rome (15)There’s a little Roman  magic in the air. I fell in love with Rome when I first went there for a holiday. Little would I have thought that I would be back again and again, and this time, to immortalize this moment forever in such a special way.

Nuyou - Rome (16)I fell asleep in the car on the way to Palazzo Della Civilta Italiana. When we arrived and I got up, it felt like my body was finally protesting the lack of rest. I felt so sick I could barely get up. I rested for a moment and just really used the last of what I had to finish this shoot, and it became the shot for the second cover. I guess sometimes, all you need is willpower and a strong mind to push yourself through.

Nuyou - Rome (17)Nuyou - Rome (18)Nuyou - Rome (19)Thankful for the memories, thankful for a beautiful September. Thankful for everyone who made it happen. Clara, Terence, David, Cindy, Joel, Alfie, and Pauline. You guys are very special to me.

Photos in this blog post: Pauline Soh

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