Ramen Teh – Singapore

SG (4)Ramen Teh’s media preview and gala premiere happened some time last year. It’s such an extreme privilege to be part of this production. The film has done tremendously well, having been sold to 43 countries, it’s really something this little sunny island should be proud of.

SG (5)SG (1)SG (2)SG (3)SG (6)This is a Singaporean-Japanese-French film and that’s also why the posts are dedicated to each region separately, with all the events grouped together.

SG (7)SG (8)SG (10)I remember telling the production team I wouldn’t be able to make it back for the Gala Premiere in Singapore because I was filming in China at that time. But a last minute change in filming schedule and an early flight back meant I was just in time for it. I arrived the night before the movie premiere and things just fell in place for me. I think sometimes, the stars will align if it’s meant to be.

SG (11)SG (12)SG (13)This film was to be a start of many beautiful beginnings.

A peek into the world of film.

A solid learning ground as I embarked on my short film “The Last Entry”, with Eric Khoo sharing all kinds of experiences with me.

A start of an amazing collaboration with Takasaki.

A year later, Ramen Teh continues to travel across the globe and very soon, it arrives at its final stop as it opens in theatres in Japan.