Sisters (2)My last cover with Sisters was many years back, when I was filming in KL. Fast forward many years later, Sisters Magazine managed to contact me after going through countless channels. They accommodated my dates and flew the entire team over. It almost didn’t happen because I already had plans to leave Singapore for my Patisserie Course in Le Cordon Bleu and I only had those few days available for the shoot. But they made it happen.

Sisters (3)Sisters (5)This sincerity and respect they had for me was something that moved me greatly. Their attitude towards the shoot was also a breath of fresh air, earnest and passionate. They knew exactly what they wanted so the shoot breezed by and I enjoyed myself tremendously.

Sisters (1)Sisters (6)Back home, with recent experiences, things are a little more dramatic, complicated and political. Almost good for a drama plot. All I can say is that the universe has its own way of telling me that when one door closes another will open. This has proven true in many aspects of my life.

Sisters (7)So to all my Malaysian fans, here’s a magazine you can finally lay hands on easily. Thank you all for your love and I hope you like the spread. I’m looking forward to it myself.

Sisters (8)To this amazing team… THANK YOU. It was a fabulous shoot before I flew off.

Till the next time we meet.