Happy 10th, ClearSK

ClearSK (1)Celebrating ClearSK’s 10th year, a milestone in itself. It’s an incredible honour to be part of this celebration as ambassador. 10 years, that’s really not easy. They just quietly build up the brand, expand locally and overseas and now, they celebrate.

ClearSK (3)ClearSK (4)Dr Shiau, a woman with so much love. Someone who wants to make others beautiful. Someone who smiles and forges forward. A woman, empowered with knowledge.

ClearSK (2)They surprised me with an early birthday celebration. Moments like this, I feel shy, maybe a little awkward not knowing how to react, but most definitely grateful. Double celebration, double the joy.

I met so many of you at the party last night and I can’t say enough how thankful I am for all that love and support you showed me. Every little gesture means so much to me. Thank you all, I really appreciate it!

ClearSK (5)Beauty depends on me. A message, simple and clear.