The Burberry Conservatory

Burberry (1)The little green house in Marina Bay Sands, merges nature and technology. Beautiful greenery with multi-media sensory blooming flowers is quite a refreshing sight indoors. That’s the Burberry Conservatory for you.

Burberry (6)Burberry (5)Burberry (7)Burberry (2)The Belt Bag

The bag that’s pretty versatile, with a size that fits everything I need to bring with me on a usual day out. I like colours that pop, a splash of colour that’s fun and classy at the same time. And yes, I love bright happy colours.

Burberry (8)This is a pop up that brings the great outdoors indoor and it will only be here till 8th July.

Burberry (4)Burberry (3)Burberry (9)Friends I haven’t seen in awhile. I think one of them is super thrilled with the conservatory (no prizes for guessing who). ^^