Bottega Veneta in Shanghai

BV (1)I don’t keep track on the number of times I’ve been to Shanghai. Quite a few trips so far, but not that many to consider myself very familiar with the place.

I have only been to Shanghai for a  personal holiday once. 80% of the time, it’s for work. The beautiful thing about this is, I somehow see Shanghai in a slightly different light each and every single time I am there. Perhaps it’s the area I’m staying in, perhaps it’s the company, and perhaps, it’s the season and the mood I’m in.

BV (2)BV (3)There was a certain artsy vibe this time round. A vibe of creativity, imagination and endless possibilities. There was a free spirit in the air that felt as though your individual expression was simply: You being you.

BV (5)I love it that Bottega Veneta celebrates the unique individual and that fearless spirit to express themselves. I believe we all need to celebrate this notion. I want to be the empowered woman living life as I want to, fearless, confident, always a step ahead of others.

BV (8)BV (6)When your initials are enough

This motto speaks volumes. I was just thinking about how lyrical I can be about this, but honestly, there isn’t any need to. You build up your name and not depend on it to define you. Initials are indeed enough.

JABV (12)My love for fragrances.. beyond words really..

Here’s a look at some of the pieces at the FW 2018 collection. Would you Lounge or Live it Up? Or both?

BV (9)BV (10)So would you smile? Or play it cool?  Thank you Bottega Veneta and Andre for this incredible experience.

Makeup & Hair by Elain Lim

Photos & Video by Pauline Soh