Big Reveal

1000 (12)With the week that just went by, things got a little more exciting for my character. A little turn of events, a big reveal in identity and a little more magic action. This is also when the real fun starts.

1000 (15)1000 (18)1000 (16)1000 (17)When it comes to characterization, I tend to build it up layer by layer, thinking of all the possibilities. There’s no fixed rule, no one standard expression, no boundaries. In a way, I had 3 different personalities, different but linked. I needed them to be distinct on their own, and yet I needed them to be so in sync.

1000 (22)1000 (23)1000 (24)What I realize while filming this drama, is that sometimes, you really don’t have to overthink. I had more fun than ever before, not because I had something different to play, but more because I was equipped with a different mindset. I was there to just enjoy the process.

1000 (20)1000 (21)Yes, I love a good challenge. But challenge or no challenge, it’s still worth putting all I’ve got. That’s what I’ve always believed in. As an actor, there are many extraneous factors not within our control, but we maximize whatever we can and make it better.

1000 (25)1000 (26)1000 (27)1000 (28)I enjoyed those 3 months with this group of people. I’ve got an ever expressive director. I had all the room in the world to work my character. I worked with a team who supported me when my short film earned a nomination and even rescheduled scenes so I could make it to Tokyo. These gestures are extremely significant to me, something I will always be grateful for.

1000 (14)1000 (13)I’ve always loved period dramas. This isn’t the first time I’ve donned a period costume and I sure hope you like the look.