An Iconic Dream

An Iconic Dream


2017, a brand new year with a brand new start.


A fairy tale in modern times


Michael Kors

All Things Vintage

I’ve always loved to learn about how things were made, and how…


Each shoot traces every step I take in my career and encapsulates a memory.

Living the Boheme Spirit

Living the Boheme Spirit

A Forgotten Post

A Forgotten Post

The Outcome

Sometimes, you just got to work with what you have.

Bulgari X Save The Children

Bulgari X Save The Children initiative

Seeing Stars

This is a team that I really love working with. There’s so much trust and confidence in each other, and they were willing to forge ahead and explore something new with me. For this, I’m grateful.

Simply Her, Simply Me

It’s a joy to work with Simply Her again. It was a dream team that worked on this cover shoot and I had so much fun while doing it. I share my thoughts on a healthy lifestyle, what I do to keep fit and how I keep my complexion glowing despite the hectic hours I keep.