An Iconic Dream

2017feb-ICONIt’s been some time since I last graced the cover of Icon magazine. So naturally, I was thrilled to be invited to work with them once again. This team is an absolute dream to work with. With a strong team like this, I can just leave myself in their hands and wait to be surprised. If anything at all, I believe I was at my most relaxed during the entire shoot, right up to the interview which followed after.

icon (1)icon (2)Dreamy clothes – check.

Gorgeous makeup – check.

Messy hair – check.

Lighting that enveloped you in a dream – check.

A very Icon-ic dream indeed.

icon (9)icon (10)icon (11)icon (12)I was super pleased to see the final outcome. I’m always grateful to have a team who continually strives to achieve different looks for me with each and every shoot I have. I have absolute confidence and trust in them, so much so I could just remain very zoned out without a care in the world, which worked so well for the photos we wanted.

icon (3)icon (4)icon (5)icon (6)icon (7)The write-up. I always reiterate the fact that I definitely appreciate the writer who bothers to listen and understand. They engage in a heart to heart conversation with you, listen with their heart and spend the hour or so really focused on the message you want to convey. Thank you for spending the time with me, and of course, thank you for the words that you’ve penned.

icon (8)Till the next time… ICON magazine.

Styling by Jeremy Tan

Makeup by Cindy Goh

Hair by Dexter Ng

Photography by Mark Law

Photos and Video in Jcode by Pauline Soh