First Time Gangster

First time gangster, daughter of a mafia boss. It was a breath of fresh air when this role was presented to me. It was a fine balance between drama and comedy and I thought it was a fine way to get back into the groove of filming after my 3 months break.

iweekly (1)iweekly (2)Of course, being in a 200 episodes drama was another factor for consideration. My last experience with a long form drama was the first ever of its kind in Mediacorp, Holland V. That, however, was a full length drama, written as a drama and shot as a drama. I had a whale of a time playing that character Mo Jing Jing, and the family bonded so well we’re still as close now. 118 part 2, proved to be a different experience altogether.

iweekly (3)iweekly (4)iweekly (5)I think it’s not easy to write a script that spans 200 episodes. Character development needs to be strong and you need to allow the audience to grow with you. That said, I just do my best to input character and depth to what I have on hand. There were many questions posed to me when news was released that I had taken this on. In my opinion, all projects are the same. Be it a 4 episode cameo appearance, or a 200 episode main lead, I put the same amount of effort into each and every scene. My homework and research remains a constant. Nothing changes for me.

iweekly (6)iweekly (7)iweekly (8)We’re actually half way through the filming process already. Scripts are still being churned out as we move along. As actors, we do not know the direction our character steers towards until we get there. So, like the audience, we are watching our own character grow and unfold just about the same way as when you watch our drama. Interesting, isn’t it?

iweekly (10)iweekly (11)iweekly (12)I’m thankful for many things. Thankful to have Xia Yu act as my dad. Thankful for my main male co-actors, Bryan and Yaodong. We had so much fun on set such that the past few months flew by. Thankful for all the male actors who received a “beating” from my character, for willingly acting the part and allowing my petite frame look like it contains the strength of Hercules.

iweekly (13)I’m actually more than ready to take on a new role. As we speak, I’m actually in preparation for something really exciting. I’m really looking forward to 2017 and all it has in store for me.

iweekly (14)Thank you I-Weekly, for this cover shoot. Thank you for arranging one of my favourite writer to cover my story. She’s someone whom I have always felt to be sensitive and attentive, someone who really uses her heart to listen.

And of course, to my fabulous team behind this strong look that I so very love.

Styling by Jenine Oh/Jack Wang

Makeup by Clarence Lee

Hair by Vanessa Choo

Photography in I-Weekly by Aik Chen

Story by Wang Liyan

Photos and Video in Jcode by Pauline Soh