Perfect Timing

43It feels like a long time ago that I worked on The Dream Job. In fact, that was my only drama that year, before I took my first long break in 15 years. Receiving news of my nomination was a big surprise. To be honest, it was never on my mind that Cheng Huishan would receive a nomination. Nevertheless, thank you, and I’m encouraged.

4445When I was there filming in Perth, we actually recorded so many video clips, thinking we could edit it into a short clip and share it with everyone. But the SD card disappeared and seemingly vanished into thin air. My assistant was distraught, imagine losing all those videos! However, we had so many beautiful photos to share so it became a photo blog instead.

Just a few days back, I sent my car for servicing and they actually found the SD card and returned it to me! So “Perfect TIming” really refers to the re-appearance of the SD card, not the nomination. Well, it did appear just in time for me to have something to post with regards to the nomination.

Anyway, enjoy the video clip. My assistant literally went through hundreds of videos to edit the best version for you.

Cheng Huishan.. signing off.