How Signature Looks Came to Be

What started off as a simple sketch turned into something more over the years. I think the best way to actually show the gradual process of her (the girl I always draw) growth is to show you what I have done year after year. These drawings were prepared for Jeanius’ membership cards. When I started drawing for my column in a magazine, Jeanius asked if I could also draw something for their membership card. So I did.

Sol – Once Upon a Time

“Sol’s World: Somebody to Love” is Sol’s journey of self discovery. It will hit the bookstores 9th May 2015.

Subjectivity of Art

I’ve been trying complete some pieces for my Art Exhibition. It’s not exactly the easiest of tasks when you are filming at the same time. Trying to complete something that I usually will be able to accomplish in a few days drags on much longer than that.


I believe we all have a world we retreat into. Perhaps it’s therapeutic? Perhaps it’s the way we know how to better express ourself? Perhaps it’s an outlet to vent pent up energy and frustrations? Perhaps we just feel happy when we are immersed in it? Maybe it’s really so simple.. we simply find joy in it.

Note to Self: Write before You Die

My very first book “Jeanette Aw: Definitions” was published in 2012. Thanks to the support of everyone, it was on the top of the best-selling list of all major bookstores. I was thinking of the ways to talk about my book, and I felt that this piece of writing (excerpt taken from Definitions) sums it up in just the right way.