Subjectivity of Art

I’ve been trying complete some pieces for my Art Exhibition. It’s not exactly the easiest of tasks when you are filming at the same time. Trying to complete something that I usually will be able to accomplish in a few days drags on much longer than that.

However, the excitement and preparation for the exhibition is one big motivation to keep me going (it’s now 3am in the morning). I’m going to risk saying something very cliche.. It is important to find joy in the things you do. When there is joy, the task at hand ceases to be a chore. So there, I’ve gotten it out of the way, and it wasn’t so bad was it?

Art. This thing that is an individual expression. A reflection of the self.

I think I live very much in my own world. My art never mimics true life form, and yet it’s not that far from it. The beauty of art is in how interpretations can vary from person to person, and maybe never ever be completely the same way as the artist sees it.

I believe that when you see a piece of artwork, you will relate to it on your own terms. There will be something that rings true in your life, something that touches you. Or maybe, you won’t understand anything of it at all.

It is subjective. There is no right or wrong in the illustrated world.