I believe we all have a world we retreat into. Perhaps it’s therapeutic? Perhaps it’s the way we know how to better express ourself? Perhaps it’s an outlet to vent pent up energy and frustrations? Perhaps we just feel happy when we are immersed in it? Maybe it’s really so simple.. we simply find joy in it.

I love painting. I love creating something new on canvas. I love seeing something emerge that is not of this world. I love giving it colours. And sometimes, I love it in black and white. I love how my emotions are translated in such a fashion.

“Painting is the silence of thought and
the music of sight.” – Orhan Pamuk

I love Art. I actually studied Art when I was in school, but that was for the ‘O’s. After that, Time kind of left me stranded with the other hard core subjects and I thought that was what I had to do.

But Life nudges you to head in the direction that is in tune with your hearts’ desires. I was asked to write a column for a local magazine “I-Weekly” and it was there that I wrote and drew. My sketches then threw me right back to the beginning, where I was still figuring out what or how I should do it. It started me on a journey of self-discovery, finding something that I had lost along the way.

Sol. This girl has evolved over time, right from the very first sketch to what you see now. She brings me much joy and sunshine. I know this because at this very moment, I am smiling to myself. (silly+happy)

This is just one painting extracted from my second book “Sol’s World: Somebody to Love”. It will be released in May 2015.