Sol – Once Upon a Time

I have always loved drawing. However, as I grew up, Art became a subject that had to be put aside to make way for other seemingly more useful ones. It was only when I was offered to write a column for a magazine that I started to explore it again. I created this girl, she didn’t have a name then. I thought that I was just drawing a girl who mirrored me, kind of my reflection. But what I did know was that I enjoyed it so much. I rediscovered art, something that made me feel happy and alive.

There’s really a very simple explanation behind that big hair, I like it.

So this is Sol, right from the very beginning. I was mostly exploring and finding my way again. Trying to figure out the various mediums and finding what I liked using best. This drawing you see here was completed using the iPad. I still remember I was filming overseas and had to submit the materials for my column all via email. I couldn’t possibly bring all my art materials wherever I went all the time so the iPad served me well. I have about 4-5 different styluses amassed over the years. I still do prefer drawing by hand. There’s this aspect of imperfection that makes it so perfect and real.

Sol has evolved. As you see her take baby steps to what she looks like now, you will also see how I’ve improved on my strokes and colours. It’s a huge learning curve and I am still learning. Art is a never ending exploration of expression.

Sol’s World: Somebody to Love” is Sol’s journey of self discovery.

This is my second book and it is mainly based on Sol, mainly focused on my art. I’m excited to present it to you and I thought, why not go back to how it all started and then lead you to where she is now. It is after all a journey of sorts.

Once Upon a Time, Sol started as pastel coloured girl with big yellow hair and little dots for eyes.

“Sol’s World: Somebody to Love” will hit the bookstores 9th May 2015.