No Role too Small

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I play every role like it’s my most important role, so even if it’s a cameo of just 4 episodes, I still give it the same amount of attention and commit to it like it’s the biggest thing in my life. I put in the same amount of effort and do the necessary research required. I had a session with a midwife (from that period of time) and learnt the proper way of handling pregnant women and how to deliver babies. To be more specific, I learnt the proper actions so that I could portray the expertise as true to life as possible. I did my research on childbirth complications, checking on the symptoms, the patient’s health prior to childbirth, the situation during labour and what was the most possible reason leading to the mother’s death. I even sought professional advice and consulted a Gynaecologist.

When I had all these information, I could then handle the role knowing exactly what should go into it. I changed discrepancies in the script with regards to events leading up to the finale. I tweaked lines so that it mirrored factual reality. The rest just fell into place. Hong Minghui is a character that has been created from The Journey: Tumultuous Times and I knew her and her sentiments inside out. The Journey: Our Homeland is where she bids goodbye. I would like to thank everyone who left messages so filled with love and support for my portrayal of Hong Minghui. I am indeed extremely encouraged.

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I literally exhausted the last of my energy on this childbirth scene. What you saw was real perspiration and real veins that popped on top of a bursting red face. I ached so bad the next day.

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I definitely have to thank my director, Lu Yanjin. She trusted me and had the utmost confidence in me, no questions asked. Whenever I discussed anything with her, she left it to me and gave me so much room to just do my thing. I truly appreciate having so much space to grow as an actor.

homeland 11Thank you all for joining me on this epic trilogy of a journey.