Sol’s World: Somebody to Love

A book that I have been working on for quite awhile now is finally out. My second published book as well as my first illustrated book. It seems as though many automatically assume that a picture book is solely for children, this is something that baffles me. Sol’s World: Somebody to Love is a book crafted for both children and adults. It makes for easy reading for children and yet it carries a deeper message for the adults. I love a good picture book myself and I never had that idea in my head that a picture book wasn’t for me. Imagination is something that shouldn’t just stop when you leave childhood behind.

book sign 2

Somebody to Love was launched 9th May 2015, and in the first week of sales, it topped Kinokuniya’s Best Seller list. I understand that many couldn’t find the book at many Popular bookstore branches, I looked into it and was assured that it is now in all branches. I hope that you are able to finally find the book at a bookstore near you. My book is also out in Times and MPH. For those overseas, you may also head to to order and have it delivered to wherever you are. E-books and online versions are planned for, in the near future, as well.

My book signing session was held on 23rd May 2015, and there was a huge turnout. Thank you to all who turned up with Sol’s World: Somebody to Love, I hope the book touched you in a personal way. I sincerely hope you like it.

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My fans from Cambodia specially flew all the way to attend the book signing session. It moved me greatly. They were also tasked by many other Cambodian fans to buy the book and get it autographed by me. They printed t-shirts with a photo of my recent Awards win on it. Cambodia gave me one very precious award, and I will always remember their tremendous love and support for me.

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To the people who made it possible and to friends who helped me without hesitation, no questions asked, thank you all so much.

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To my Jeanius family, thank you all! =)