A photo of #TheDress was posted on the internet and it sparked off a colour debate and that very same post went viral. Most interesting was the fact that the colours were of contrasting hues and no one could ever imagine how “colour-blind” the other party was. It wasn’t even a case of white vs ivory, or pink vs red, but white and gold vs royal blue and black.

Scientific theories behind how people view colours were pulled into it. It became a topic of interest to know how your eyes were wired to see the things you see, and maybe it served to explain why your sunset has always been a shade of purple.

Colour became the dress. Fact of the matter, the dress in the photo was nothing desirable (in my opinion), and yet sales spiked 347% and went out of stock instantly. The immediate craze to own that piece of fabric clearly puts many publicity campaigns of leading luxury brands to shame.

Fashion. Very subjective indeed.