A Touch of Humanity

fei er
Things haven’t exactly been the most airy fairy for me on this end. Preparations, or rather, research for the drama are ongoing. It’s always a continual connection to something that I will be doing or going into. There are some emotions that are pretty overwhelming and when that happens, I try to take a step back to give myself brief respite from all that gloom and doom.

Sometimes, it is not just the research that I do. Rather, it’s all the other things that come with communication gone awry. Things that have happened to make me feel so helpless. That when people say certain things, you come to realize that actually they do not mean those things at all, such that when you do them, you are actually thought of as pushing the boundaries, overstepping the line, or just being plain difficult.

If any of you have ever felt this way, perhaps this will cheer you up as much as it made me smile. That out there in this world, there is a touch of humanity. I came across this website by chance, and in many ways, I feel a kind of gratitude in my heart that something somehow made me chance upon it. There are kind souls doing what they can to save little lives with whatever means they have on hand.


Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. These farm animals arrive at the sanctuary injured, battered and possibly near death. Many animals get abused and the fact that they are mostly vulnerable and on the receiving end, there is no way they can protect themselves. The animals survive under the tender care provided in this place filled with love. It is painful and heart wrenching to watch the videos of the animals in pain. But at the end of that same spectrum is a ray of hope that they will pull through, and many do.



What’s heart warming to see is also how these animals learn to love other species and all live together in harmony. It made me feel like packing my bags and booking a ticket right away. I think this is simplicity in its purest form.



I ended up a happy girl when I became a Best Buddy with a little fella named Lemonade. Life wasn’t gentle with him. He was brought into Edgar’s Mission with his two front legs crippled, but after care and being a little optimist himself, he is back on his feet. I think that’s the beauty of it. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life dishes out crap, make sure a flower blooms right where it is.

This is just something that I felt I wanted to share. This is beautiful work being done. Donate, be a Best Buddy, spread the love.