A Whirlwind Year

The start of any year always brings on an avalanche of New Year’s resolutions and everyone starts talking about what they hope they can do, will do, and want to do.

I’m not so sure about New Year’s resolutions, neither do I have the habit of making any. I think any day is as good as the start of the year to make something good out of it. I could have a brand new goal and it doesn’t have to be made on the first day of any year.

Jcode (27)Jcode (28)Jcode (29)2017 has been a whirlwind kinda year. A year where big decisions were made, new goals were set and a new direction taken. Things also kinda happened for me, taking me places, creating memories of beautiful firsts.

Jcode (15)Jcode (14)Walking out on my own has given me much more freedom to plan my time to really achieve some things that I set out to do. I want to spend more time with family. I think it’s also time to commit to these causes, Children and Education, always a big part in my heart. I hope to be able to read a little more (on top of what I’ve been doing). I hope to draw a little more, maybe work on my 3rd book. I hope to bake a little more, build my recipes and that could lead to another dream perhaps? These are probably just small things but I guess these things fill my heart. The simple things.

Jcode (12)Jcode (16)Then of course, there are the grand plans. Short film, creative content, feature films, full length productions. As it is, I have packed my schedule in right up to 2019. Is that going a little too fast? But I feel blessed. Blessed to have the opportunities to do what I love, and feel the passion all over again.

Picturesque Films and Curatedition, they are my baby projects, still so young as a business, but I’m excited with what the future holds for them. I believe they will grow, just as I have. I just need to take one step at a time, firm and honest.

Jcode (18)Jcode (19)Jcode (22)Those things I mentioned earlier aren’t resolutions really. Perhaps, more like a checklist of what I have always wanted to do. There seems to be so much time in a year, but all at the same time, it never seems quite enough.

Jcode (24)Jcode (20)Jcode (25)Jcode (10)I just make the best of what I have. I just want to focus on my craft. I just want to create my own magic without compromising my integrity. The path I take could very well be a long route, but I know I will reach the finish line with my head held high.

Jcode (9)Jcode (5)Jcode (4)Jcode (7)Well, I do know the pieces for 2018 are already falling in place very nicely. I’m pleased with how it’s looking.

Jcode (1)All these photos were taken during the Milan and Paris Fashion Week. One of the most beautiful experience for me.

Photos by Pauline Soh