Truth be told, I didn’t have anything to write about this particular day, because there were too many things I couldn’t reveal then, and so I wasn’t feeling too inspired. Fast forward a few months later, it felt like it would be too late to talk about this. Right now, I just feel that perhaps it would be a nice way to round up 2017.

SA (3)I remember posting a photo on my Instagram and the caption was “Finale”. A decision was made. Maybe even a long time back. But this isn’t the main point really. I just wanted to take a step back and look at 2017, it’s been eventful. Going independent is probably the biggest decision I made this year. I’ve received good wishes and blessings from sooooooo many people it’s amazing. It’s all been so positive thus far.

SA (7)SA (5)Well, in life there will be people who believe in you and all that you do, and there will be people who can’t wait to see you fall. There will be obstacles placed in your way by people because they feel they are in the position to do so. There will also be people who will reach out to help you and celebrate the decisions you make. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I definitely saw clearly who real friends are. Playing a different role, I witnessed who else still wants to stand with me. From the start of my career, I always remember the people who helped me when I was nothing, and they always had a special place in my heart. Right now as I steer in a different direction, the very same group of people remain steadfast and loyal, simply because they embrace me as I am.

SA (8)

My first onscreen mum on Ch8

SA (8)2017. I have met so many people. Made new friends. Gained new mentors. Ran into people with zero ethics and decent respect for others. All of them allow me to learn and grow. Always sieve out the negative and let those people be a constant reminder for self: Never be like them.

SA (2)

My last onscreen partner

SA (1)This isn’t the end of my acting career. I’m just slowing down and being more selective with the projects I take on. I also just completed my Short Film and I’m moving on to other plans for productions. I’ve also started a web portal with a partner. I’ve been kept busy, more so than when I was just an actor.

So 2017, you’ve been quite an amazing year.