Always Time for a Chanel Dream


Do you daydream? I do… from time to time. I’ll probably be the first to admit it because I love the power of a dream, or daydream. So when I was asked if I would be interested to conceptualize a little video for Chanel during my stay in Paris, I said YES.

Chanel Daydream (1)Chanel Daydream (2)I like a good story and I’ve probably said this a million times. Likewise, I love to present my concept as a story. Story telling, this is what I want to do and hope to do. Adding soul into what could just be a series of images. I want to string separate things together and make it whole, make it interesting, and perhaps even, touch someone and have it resonate with others.

Chanel Daydream (5)Chanel Daydream (6)Chanel Daydream (7)Chanel Daydream (8)I like to experience things, learn, feel, touch, bring home a skill. I like to be able to do different things so it adds on to what I can do as a story teller. I like to feel for the things I do, because if I can relate to it, I will be better equipped to convey that to you.

Chanel Daydream (10)This lady, was a fantastic story teller. She brought me around Mademoiselle Coco Chanel’s apartment. There was a sparkle in her eyes when she told anecdotes of the apartment, when she showed me special adornments in the house and the who-how-what-why of it.  I believe she must have done the tour countless times, but to have that sense of wonder still there, she must have really loved it enough to want to pass on that same sense of amazement.

Chanel Daydream (12)Chanel Daydream (17)Chanel Daydream (16)This apartment is filled with all kinds of stories and inspiration. Every nook and cranny, every ornament, every crystal, every mirror, I really could go on and on. That said, I’d love another visit if I had the chance, I’m sure there are new things to be uncovered in that apartment bursting with surprises.

Chanel Daydream (11)Chanel Daydream (13)Chanel Daydream (14)Chanel Daydream (15)Chanel Daydream (9)The story, in a nutshell:

A daydream occurs most unexpectedly, when time seems to go so slow the froth over the cappuccino never seems to go flat. You’re people watching and looking at the world go by, when suddenly you find yourself right smack in the middle of where all the action is. Time zooms by, 24 hrs gone in a flash. You wake up thinking, “Hey! That was one hell of a dream!” And you want to turn back time and return to when the dream started.

Chanel Daydream (18)Chanel Daydream (19)Chanel Daydream (20)The Chanel show was another huge inspiration. To build vertiginous  cliffs and coursing waterfalls in the middle of Grand Palais just proves that if you can dream it, you can make it happen.

Chanel Daydream (21)Thank you Nuyou, and Terence, for giving me this chance to have some fun with the video content. And this group of gorgeous Chanel women who powered this whole thing through.