8 Days - Dec 2017

December must be a good month for me. Another cover, another amazing shoot and another write up that stayed true to interview. A catch up of sorts, to find out the answers to the why-what-where of my career.

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#GirlBoss. To think of it, I feel I have always been the boss of my own life. I have always held on to my views and my beliefs. I have gone on and accomplished some pet projects and fulfilled some dreams. I have always been very vocal with my opinions and ideas. I have always been protective over some areas of my life and it will always stay that way. So yes, maybe it’s all those tragic heroines that I play, maybe it always resonated with me, that we all have this strength in our hearts to be masters of our own destiny.

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This shoot took place first in the studio and then in a car that costs 1.5m. Brand new. Thankful that I had the chance to indulge in such moments. Rare. Well, I guess this screams #LikeABoss. Unfortunately, in the real world, even #GirlBoss has to work damn hard to pay the bills. And no, I can’t afford this car. YET.

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This by far, is my fastest 8Days shoot, including the change in location and bad weather conditions. We got every shot that we wanted at super speed. Before I knew it, Joel and Martin (photog and stylist) would be saying “NEXT!” Everything just fell into place.

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Now let’s see where this new journey will take me. It will be the ride of my life.

Photos by Pauline Soh