Days and Nights in Paris

Everything just kind of fell into place. The schedule, the plans, the trip and everything else in between. I’ve been to Paris for work but this is the first time I completed a full cover shoot there, not just one, but two. In fact, the number of shots we had were indeed sufficient for two separate issues altogether. Each Day and Night looks were complete with the full works, shoes, jewellery, endless changes, clothes that piled high at the back of the mini bus which was also my makeshift changing room. What a way to wrap up my 2017! Double covers done in the City of Light, nothing short of resplendent.

Nuyou (2)Nuyou (1)Nuyou (3)And so begins a relatively long post. I toyed with the idea of splitting the blog into Day and Night posts. But I figured I would just rather prefer putting them together, and perhaps, you may prefer reading all about it that way too?

Nuyou (4)Nuyou (5)Nuyou (6)Fun fact: I’m not a natural with clothes all the time. Some outfits need some figuring out. Some may require 3 or more people, to do some research online and then fiddle with the fabric that seems out of place. And when we finally figure it out, that little bit does make a difference, and everyone forgives my mistake.

Nuyou (7)Nuyou (8)I seriously think it’s not easy to manage something of this magnitude. Terence, whom we lovingly term as Mother on this trip, had everything under control, other than the time his entire luggage with all our photoshoot clothes got taken by someone by mistake. Well, we obviously got it back after a couple of hours and the shoot took place as planned.

Nuyou (9)Nuyou (10)Nuyou (11)Nuyou (12)Paris by Day: Artistic. Creative. Free-Spirited.

Terence asked if I could pen something for Nuyou, Paris by Day and Paris by Night. I thought of these simple words. Words that described Paris in the way I saw and felt it.

Nuyou (13)Nuyou (14)Nuyou (15)Nuyou (16)So that’s me, just too lazy to remove the sunglasses because moving it out of place means it’s got to be adjusted again when we continue with the shoot. For me, it has always been “Less hassle the better. ” The most important thing is everyone gets what they want and are absolutely pleased with the result, if not we just keep going until we get it.

Nuyou (17)Nuyou (18)Dec 2017 - NUYOU - DayParis by Day cover

And finally… Day transits into Night.

Nuyou (19)Paris by Night: Romantic. Alluring. Dreamlike.

And cold. Ok, maybe only to me. During the entire night shoot, I was the only one feeling cold, and everyone else was in a t-shirt. It just rained as well, like how is that even possible they don’t feel cold? And no, it was not summer time when we had the photoshoot. So other than Paris being extremely cold (at that time), it is indeed a beautiful place at night. It’s almost like She quietly went through a transformation during the twilight hours and awakened Her other senses.

Nuyou (20)Nuyou (21)It also feels like the shoot went in that direction as well. Stylized, dramatic and glamorized. I have a soft spot for the old-world glamor, the period dramas, the romanticized era, so I absolutely loved how this was created for me.

Nuyou (22)Nuyou (23)Can I say I fell in love with these boots? Yes, I just need a moment.

Nuyou (24)With the imaginary date.

Nuyou (24)With the imaginary cigarette?

Nuyou (25)With the imaginary friend?

Nuyou (26)We worked well into the night, where the streets were empty and the lights brought dreams to life. Well, more like this A team brought this cover dream to life.

Dec 2017 - NUYOU - NightParis by Night

All photos in this post by Pauline Soh