Best of Spain

Spain 2017 (20)Spain 2017 (23)What kind of a traveller are you? Do you like the big cities? Does the shopping attract you over all other things? Or do you like quieter trips? Trips that allow you to slow down?

For me, I tend to veer towards the quiet trips. Solo retreats sometimes, volunteer trips, trips that allow me to experience life and different facets of it. Of course, once in awhile, I still like to go to places I have never been to, and when I’m there for the first time, I want to see the things I have to see. Then perhaps on my second trip back, I can visit some other places that’s well, off the beaten track.

Spain 2017 (68)Spain 2017 (65)Spain 2017 (64)Spain 2017 (60)Spain 2017 (57) Spain 2017 (58)Spain 2017 (59)I like to take in the vast landscapes of places. It’s pretty therapeutic. I like the sea, there’s a sense of peace and calm there. I like to experience a different culture from time to time, it allows me to grow and learn. I like to experience different cuisine.. well, because I’m a foodie.

Spain 2017 (55)Food plays a big part in my life. I can settle with the local cuisine for as long as I’m there, and I won’t have any cravings for local/Asian food, neither am I a fast food person. What can I say? I just love to eat.

Spain 2017 (48)Spain 2017 (56)Spain 2017 (47)Such vastness. It is a beautiful thing to experience this, to see as far as the eye can reach, and then to see even further with your heart and your mind.

Spain 2017 (46)Spain 2017 (70)Spain 2017 (45)Spain 2017 (44)Spain 2017 (43)There’s so much character to a place with history. Some places offer audio guides and I love them to bits. Within the tour group, we have what my Trafalgar Tour Director would call, “whispers”. He or the Local Specialist would use it to tell us about the places we are in and while they do so, I just roam around as I please. I like this kind of freedom, rather than have to stay around in a tight bunch straining to hear what they are saying and subsequently not being able to take in the sights around me.

Spain 2017 (42)Spain 2017 (40)Spain 2017 (39)Spain is a beautiful country, I heard Portugal is just as beautiful, perhaps I’d visit some other time. I think it’s amazing how one place gets linked to another, and then, you get your next holiday destination without having to think much about it.

Spain 2017 (54)Spain 2017 (49)Spain 2017 (50)Spain 2017 (51)Spain 2017 (52)A little moment in a castle.

Spain 2017 (53)Spain 2017 (66)Spain 2017 (67)Sagrada Familia. Unfinished. Still in construction. But yet, it’s also one of my favourite. I got to visit so many churches and cathedrals this trip, it can get pretty confusing which is which. But this one, with all its details and pomposity, simply took my heart. It is a work of art, and I really do hope they complete it soon. Real soon.

Spain 2017 (63)Spain = Bullfighting. And when in Spain, I guess you should visit the most local of bars as well. Have some tapas and sangria on top of that. What can I say, it can’t get more local than this.

Spain 2017 (73)Spain 2017 (71)Spain 2017 (72)Spain 2017 (75)Spain 2017 (74)Spain 2017 (76)This is a series of photos that I took. I like to capture people, doing their thing, absorbed in their own moment. I particularly love the shot of the child so taken and thrilled by the sight of the toys. Such pure joy.

Spain 2017 (62)Spain 2017 (61)Spain, you have been wonderful.

Trafalgar: Best of Spain