Bulgari Serpentiform Exhibition

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I’ve always loved a good story. I think I’ve said it more times than I can remember. I’m also always inspired by artists who have a story to their lives, which is subsequently injected into their artwork. There are also other times, I enter a space where the exhibition is dedicated to one subject matter, and in this case, the snake. Also famously known in the world of Bulgari, their pet motif, the iconic Serpenti.

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The exhibition shows a collection of stories, collated through the ages. Historical documentation, myths and legends, and culturally different beliefs. There are various expressions of the snake through artwork, sculptures, photographs, fashion, and of course, a showcase of vintage Bulgari pieces right up to present times, allowing us to see how the design has evolved through the ages.

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I love looking at art pieces. I actually enjoy just standing there staring at a piece, observing the details and intricacies of the masterpiece. Sometimes I do even try to figure out how something is done, perhaps even do a little research and see if I will be able to learn something new from it. Art is inspiring and it can be applied to everything that you do. There will be a different perspective and interpretation to things, and suddenly, we get to see that same subject in a whole new light.

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There is some serious video mapping going on in the exhibition as well. I had some fun trying to catch a virtual snake going around in the hall. I got to create my own Serpenti and control its movement with my hands over a censor unit. The exhibition is multi-dimensional and its multi-media presentation is impressive.

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The Bulgari Serpentiform Exhibition runs till 15th October 2017, at the Art Science Museum. I’ll be back there again before it ends its run.