First Time in Seoul

This was to be my first trip to Korea. There were so many expectations of the place, from what I see from Korean dramas, and from what my friends have shared with me. I was definitely looking forward to the trip, especially when I knew that I was there to shoot a really cute video with Michael Kors.

MK (11)I couldn’t share much then, but I was excited to have you see what we did in Seoul. I believe some of you would’ve seen the video clip by now, I sure hope you like it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really get to see much of Seoul, other than the places that we visited during the shoot. But then again, when I do go anywhere for work, I’m not exactly in the right mood for a holiday anyway. I’d rather go back again some day, and explore the place for real.

MK (9)MK (10)MK (12)MK (14)MK (13)Thank you for having me Michael Kors and T Singapore.