Fendi Roma

Fendi (5)I love how the newly reopened Fendi store at Ngee Ann City feels. It’s beautiful, luxurious yet inviting all at the same time. You know how it is when some boutique just feels pretty intimidating, so I believe right vibes are important for me.

Fendi (6)Fendi (7)It was a good cosy party to celebrate the occasion It was also a small gathering of friends, friends whom I haven’t seen in awhile. Events as such always allow me to have quick catch up sessions with old friends and also to meet new ones. I’m always appreciative of such moments.

Fendi (4)I was in Rome last year and I absolutely fell in love with the place. The rich history, the beautiful architecture, the merging of the old and the new, it’s so quirky yet elegant all at the same time. Fendi definitely embodies this spirit and character all so clearly.

Fendi (1)Fendi (2)Fendi (3)I had fun working with Pin, exploring and defining Fendi in a short video clip. I remember nursing a bad flu and fever that day, but the entire Pin team (together with team Fendi) really took such good care of me, the shoot was over before I knew it and I could go back to rest. Now that’s love, all around.