In Support of Unicef

Two of my major concerns: Children and Education. How perfect that Montblanc should support Unicef in their causes and that I would have the opportunity to be a part of this.

MB X Unicef (3)I designed a little postcard, and everyone is invited to write a word or a quote of what writing means to them on the very same postcard. To me, writing is about passion and love. I love the whole process of creation, and I believe no one should be denied the chance of education and ultimately, to be the masters of their own imagination.

MB X Unicef (9)MB X Unicef (7)This is a blown up version of my drawing. I decided I wanted to hand paint this piece instead of just use a digital software. Sol is holding on to a little blue heart that is representative of Unicef, with a little quote that I thought up myself,

Love makes the world a better place. – Jeanette Aw

MB X Unicef (4)MB X Unicef (5)MB X Unicef (6)Here I am waiting for my message to be written on my postcard by a calligrapher. Something that I always find myself saying, something I want to constantly remind myself to do, “Spread the Love”.

MB X Unicef (8)I just found this amusing.. Perhaps I tend to be a tad too serious sometimes?

MB X Unicef (2)MB X Unicef (10)It was an evening of sharing, the sharing of experiences, stories, and the years of contribution by different parties. It has been some time since my last volunteer trip and I felt like I had to arrange for another one some time soon. My drama spanning over 9 months is coming to a close finally, time to do some planning.

MB X Unicef (1)In any case, Toggle came by and did an interview with me. There are some new plans in the pipeline, and I am really excited about what’s to come. A whole new world is going to open right before me soon. Something new, something unfamiliar, yet something that makes my heart come alive again. I will definitely update everyone when the time comes.